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We at “India House” try to make each dish a distinctive, refined preparation. Our food is a
representation of the many and varied regional cuisines of India and of the many ethnic groups
of people in the sub-continent. Our dishes range from Bombay, Delhi, Street Fare and Home Style
Tandoori Cooking to the most sophisticated food of the Royal families. We spice everything whether
food or drinks (even Masala Lassi and Masala Tea.)


Kamal, also known as KamalTheServer, is 26 years young and loves waking up with a simple smile on his face.
All he thinks about while serving is being the best server there is and sharing his experiences with others.
In his earlier years, Kamal had lived a traditional lifestyle in Punjab, India.
He sacrificed his young life to provide for his family by working countless amount of hours.
He had immigrated from India to the Land Of Opportunities to make a better living and future for him and his family.
With his father being his role model and his father’s path of success being a true inspiration to him,
he followed in his footsteps to become a very successful restaurant owner.

From Our House To Yours.


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